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Bailey Ranch Estates Homeowners' Association

We are a group of homeowners that are very proud of our wonderful neighborhood.  The neighborhood meetings are held quarterly.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the clubhouse at 918-376-1901.

Our community has officers that are elected at the end of each calendar year. Each officer is elected to a two year term.  We also have many people volunteer to be chairman of our many committees to help make our community a better and safer place to live.  Other volunteers are always needed to help on a committee either all year or on just one event or project. 


President: Joe Bruey hoapresident2021@yahoo.com 

Vice-President: Paul Daniel

Treasurer: Winnye Miller-918-272-7540

Secretary: Vickey Maroon-918-978-2407

Financial Advisor: Rita Lack-918-376-1901


Architectural Review Committee: Keith Deakins

The Architectural Committee reviews any changes that a homeowner proposes to make to his/her lot, such as building a deck, additions to one's house, landscaping, erecting fences, sheds.  The committee's purpose is to protect property values maintaining a uniform neighborhood appearance and preventing projects which might violate deed restrictions or disrupt water drainage.

Clubhouse Committee: Misti -785-917-0256

The Clubhouse Committee oversees the operation of the clubhouse.  They make all reservations for the clubhouse and enforce the rules or the use of the clubhouse. 

Landscape Committee: Joe Bruey

The Landscape Committee is responsible for maintaining and improving the Common Areas of Bailey Ranch Estates. These areas include two playgrounds, three ponds, a clubhouse and pool area and three entrances. The Chairman coordinates with the lawn service company to have trees and bushes trimmed or new ones planted. Plants and flowers planted in beds and at three entrances. 

Safety Committee: Sharon Mitchell

This committee is part of the Alert Neighborhood program and the new Emergency Management program. The Chairman and members attend the quarterly Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative meetings to keep up-to-date with the new City regulations, the crime trends and ways to help prevent these crimes and the number of emergency calls (Police, Fire and Ambulance) to our neighborhood. 

Social Committee: Vickey Maroon

The Social Committee plans HOA sponsored events i.e. Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Haunted House and Children’s Christmas Party . The Chairman coordinates with the City of Owasso in planning the annual Block Party.

Newsletter: Dee Ellis/Garry Townsley

The Chairman creates and has printed a quarterly newsletter that is mailed to all homeowners, tenants and management companies to inform them of upcoming events, any safety issues, reminders of annual Dues and deadline for payment. Also, Contests and Contest Winners  and contact information for all officers and committee chairmen. Advertising space is available in the newsletter with reasonable rates for residents and nonresidents.

Welcome Committee: Joe Bruey

The Welcome Committee prepares and delivers Welcome Packets to all

new homeowners in our neighborhood. They answer any questions the new homeowner might have or directs them to the proper officer or chairman.

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