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Bailey Ranch Estates Homeowners' Association

We are a group of homeowner's that are very proud of our wonderful neighborhood.  The neighborhood meetings are held quarterly.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the clubhouse at 918-376-1901.

Our community has officer's that are elected at the end of each calendar year. Each officer can hold in their elected position for two years.  We also have many people that volunteer to be chairman of our many committee's.   They are gracious enough to volunteer their time to help make our community run smoothly.


President: Larry Smith

Vice-President: Rita Lack

Treasurer: Winnye Miller

Secretary: TJ Osborn


Architectural Review Committee: Robert Carson

The Architectural Committee reviews any changes that a homeowner proposes to make to his/her lot, such as building a deck, additions to one's house, landscaping, erecting fences, sheds.  The committee's purpose is to protect property values maintaining a uniform neighborhood appearance and preventing projects which might violate deed restrictions or disrupt water drainage.

Pool Committee: Angel Harris

The Pool Committee oversees the operation of the Community pool and works with the pool management company to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at the pool. They oversee the development and publication of the pool rules and hours of operation. The committee meets irregularly on an as needed basis.

Clubhouse Committee: Vickey Maroon

The Clubhouse Committee oversees the operation of the clubhouse. They oversee the development and publication of the clubhouse rules and hours of operation. The committee meets irregularly on an as needed basis. Residents that are current in paying their yearly dues can reserve the clubhouse for a maximum time frame of 4 hours for a special event.

Pond Committee: Todd Jones

The Pond Committee helps with the upkeep of the ponds and fountains. He will work with the board members if any problems arise and need to be addressed about the ponds in the neighborhood.

Buget Committee: Larry Smith

The Budget Committee chairman manages our funds, investmensts and budget for the calendar year.  They act as an advisory for the current Treasurer of the board.

Landscape Committee: Joe Bruey

The Landscape Committee is in charge of maintaining and improving the land jointly owned by Bailey Ranch Estates homeowners, usually referred to as the "common areas." There are two volunteer programs for residents who want to lend a helping hand without the full commitment of joining the committee. Adopt-a-bed volunteers help maintain established shrub and flower beds, and anyone is welcome to show up for a Family Garden Day.

Safety Committee: Liz Lowe

This committee is part of the Neighborhood Watch Program that we just began in 2009. The Safety Committee will work closely with the neighbors to inform them of better ways to protect our community.

Social Committee: Ambrea Remy

The Social Committee helps plan holiday events, neighborhood yard sales and our Annual Block Party.  He/She will be in charge of working the city of Owasso when planning such events.

Newsletter Committee: Garry Townsley

The newsletter committee creates and sends a quarterly newsletter for the residents for the neighbor to keep everyone informed of current and upcoming events.  They also promote advertisment in the newsletter.

Welcome Committee: Steve O' Bannon

The welcome committee will deliver packets to new homeowner's and welcome them to our wonderful neighborhood. This chairman will answer question the new resident may have and guide them to the correct person that can assist them within the neighborhood.

Playground Committee: Vacant

The playground committee oversees the parks and playground equipment in the neighborhood. They will ensure that all equipment is in good working order throughout the neighborhood.


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