Bailey Ranch-Sawgrass Park News

HOA MEETING on November 13th!

Please join us for the HOA meeting on September 11th at 7:00pm. The meetings are held at the neighborhood clubhouse. 

Sawgrass Park Mailbox Issues

If you need assistance replacing or fixing your mailbox please contact Midtown Hardware Supply or call Ken at 918-743-3344 (4311 E 31st, Tulsa, OK). You will have to take the box or part to be repaired to the store.  

If you need someone to come to your home call Terri at Street Lamps of America. 918-622-8809. The price of a new mailbox is $349.95 plus tax and installation is $75.00. The charge to pick up one for repair is $65, welding and painting  is $125.00, to repaint $85.00 and to reinstall the mailbox is $75.99. If you take the door to them, cost to repair door is $30.00.


There have been reports of suspicious cars parking in the neighborhood and watching houses. Please be aware of anyone that might not belong in the neighborhood and call the Owasso Police Dept.

Please watch out for any suspicious people or activity in the neighborhood and call Owasso Police Dept at 272-2244 non-emergency or 911 emergency only to report any problems!!!

2019 HOA Dues

The  invoices for the 2019 dues will be mailed in late December 2018 and  Per our bylaws the payment is due January 31, 2019.

 If you need to make payment arrangements, please contact our Treasurer @ 918-272-7540 before February 28, 2019. Beginning March 1, 2019, interest will be charged each month to all past due accounts that are not paid in full or have arrangements made. 

The 2019 dues amounts have not been set at this time. The budget needs to be set and then the amount will be determined.

Reminder that your pool card will not work if your dues are not paid.

Street Light Issues Report Here

Do you have a street light that is out? Contact PSO to come out by clicking the link and filling in the information...Street Light Maintenance Request  

If you need a new or replacement keycard please use the online request form or email at Replacement cards are $25.00.

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